Nicole + Ashley’s Intimate Scottsdale Wedding

Nicole and Ashley’s wedding was simply one of the favorites from this year. These two radiate love and their small yet gorgeous wedding at an Airbnb house in Scottsdale proved how amazing this beautiful state is. We want to move into this gorgeous estate!

From the Bride about her engagement story which we LOVE: 

The weekend started with a free fall from the sky… Skydiving was something we had always talked about, but weren’t sure if we’d actually do. Well, for Christmas, Ashley bought tickets and our fate was sealed…

Plunging toward the Arizona desert felt surreal and landing on the ground felt amazing! Once we were both on the ground, we hugged and kissed, so happy that we had accomplished a life goal together and lived to tell the tale. Off to San Diego we went to start the rest of the weekend festivities.

 Visiting my best friend in San Diego, we enjoyed the sun and sand and continued to feel larger than life. We went for a walk on the beach one morning and suddenly, Ashley got down on one knee in the sand, pulled out my grandma’s ring, and said, “Nicole, if we can jump out of a plane together, we can do anything. I love you more than words can say… Will you marry me?” I put my hand on his chest… his heart was pounding! I looked him in the eyes and said, “Yes!”

See below how their love story continued with their wedding day!

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